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A creative hub....

The Puccinelli Architects studio was created in 1988 and gathers several architects around founder Pierre Paul PUCCINELLI.

One of the characteristics defining the studio is our constant desire to work side by side with our clients: Discussions and research are key to design the project that each client dreamed of.  For each new building, a real architectural research is made and results in new types of layouts, spaces and designs or in the use of new, innovative and durable materials.


The existing landscape is always defining our architectural decisions. Analysis, observation and study of the land are usually our first sources of inspiration. If interested and receptive in these methods clients can ask Pierre Paul PUCCINELLI for a geobiological diagnostic, including underground water, diagonal, curie and “doré” networks.



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When reaching out for the first time or to book an appointment, emails are preferred. We will get back to you in a timely fashion.


Immeuble Campo Stellato,

Les Quatre Chemins,

20137 Porto Vecchio



+33 4 95 52 89 44

Inscription à l’ordre des architectes N° S04374

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